If updating, there is no need to uninstall the previous version - just install this new one over the top. Your own files (eg def.dsc) will not be affected.
Download DspCtrl 2.5.6
Download DspCtrl 3.3.1

DspCtrl3 'getting started' files
DspCtrl's default behaviour is to have everything switched off, greyed-out and hidden away. It's ergonomics rather than pathological introversion but it can make things tricky to begin with. If you're new to the cards or/and DspCtrl, you may find these files helpful in getting you up and running more quickly. (DspCtrl2 'getting started' files come with the program download.)
Download DspCtrl3 Getting Started files for systems with 1 DS2416
Download DspCtrl3 Getting Started files for systems with 2 DS2416s

DspCtrl DS2416 presets
These are library presets from the 02r mixing desk in DspCtrl format. Simply unzip the files and place in the relevant presets folder (full instructions in ReadMe included in each download).
Download EQ Presets
Download Dynamics Presets
Download Effects Presets

DspCtrl3 External MIDI 'Device Template' files
These files configure the behaviour of the DspCtrl3 External MIDI controls for a given device. If you write your own file for a device in your rig, do send it to me so that I can post it up here for others to use. I'll be adding some more files soon. Unzip the downloaded file into the 'Devices' folder in the DspCtrl installation folder (in Program Files\XPI)
Download Roland XV-5050 device file
Download Roland XV-5050 with SRX02 expansion device file
Download Roland JD-800 device file (Many thanks Frans for this)
Download Roland JV-1010 device file (Many thanks Frans for this)
Download Roland JV-1080 device file (Many thanks Terry for this)
Download Lexicon MPX500 device file

DspCtrl help in .rtf format
The DspCtrl help system doesn't work in Windows Vista. For the benefit of anyone using that OS here is the help in one (large) rich-text format (rtf) file. The links don't work in this format but it's better than nothing.
Download DspCtrl help in rtf format

DS2416/SW1000 drivers (Windows)
These are the latest (final) drivers (DS2416/SW1000) from Yamaha. The downloads come with (my own) instructions. As far as I'm aware the XP drivers work with Vista and Windows 7 but I haven't personally tested either operating system thoroughly. See the forum for further information.
Download drivers Win XP (and later)
Download drivers Win98/ME

SW1000 firmware updates
Long-time DS2416 user and guru, Geir Henningsen ('Henry' on the forum), has kindly made some firmware updates available on his site.
SW1000 Firmware

DS2416 user manual
This is a pdf of the DS2416 user manual in English, French, German, Spanish and Japanese.
DS2416 User Manual

AX88 user manual
This is a zip of the user manual for the AdB Digital AX88 analogue front end for the DS2416
AX88 User Manual

AX88 word-clock breakout cable
This is a diagram showing the connections on AdB Digital's original word-clock breakout cable for the AX88_IF16W card
AX88 Word-Clock Breakout

Marblesound MIDI cable
This is a freeware virtual MIDI cable which can be used to link a sequencer to DspCtrl in order to automate (ie record and play-back) DspCtrl control movements. The Marblesound website has disappeared so I'm making the cable available for download here
MarbleSound Virtual MIDI cable

Yamaha's Patch Utility
This little utility by Yamaha enables you to control the DS2416's patching. For some applications it's all you need. Note that you need to have installed the DS2416 drivers and Yamaha's 'DS Check' program before you can use this utility. Full instructions for doing this are given in the driver downloads above. Thanks Ben for the updated version.
Download Yamaha Patch Utility

Altered ASIO driver for use with Cubase
This is an altered version of Yamaha's final release ASIO driver which enables Cubase users to start Cubase without DS2416 support. The included 'readme' gives instructions. Full details can be found in the DspCtrl help.
Download altered ASIO driver